Spark Tseung

PhD Candidate in Actuarial Science
University of Toronto


I am a PhD candidate in actuarial science, advised by Profs. Andrei Badescu and Sheldon Lin. My primary research interest is insurance loss modelling using statistical and machine learning methods. Prior to joining U of T, I finished my bachelor's degree in actuarial science at the University of Hong Kong. I hold the ASA and CERA designations of the Society of Actuaries.

I am on leave from January to December 2021.

Recent Work

  1. Tseung C, Fung T, Badescu A and Lin X, 2020, LRMoE: An R package for flexible actuarial loss modelling using mixture-of-experts regression model (under review)

... and more


I listen to KPOP and JPOP.
I casually play Tekken 7 with main character Ling Xiaoyu.
I read both fiction and non-fiction (more specifically, history, language, philosophy).
I have been a member of the Theta Gang since 2020, playing with a number of options trading strategies learned in class.

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